Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 2: The Competition is Fierce

Amanda then ( : Amanda now:

Bootchez ( then:
Bootchez now:

Bum's the Word then:
Bum's the Word now:

Christina ( then:
Christina now:

Danse then(
Danse now:

Hot Seat then:
Hot Seat now:

Jes then(
Jes now:

katiek then:
katiek now:
Well, not really. The actual picture's coming, and I can guarendamntee that it'll be amazing.

Lady J then:
Lady J now:

Maraiya then:

Maraiya now:

Mindy then:
Mindy now:

Morgan then:
Morgan now:

Pam then(
Pam now:

S then:
S now:

Sister Funderson ( then:
Sister Funderson now:

Smdc then:
Smdc now:

Smelly Kelly then:
Smelly Kelly now:

Tabitha then:
Tabitha now:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 1: Meet the Contestants

Amanda (

Bootchez (

Bum's the Word (damn, this girl's playing to win!)


Chelsea (so's this one!)

Christina (

Wait a minute....

Danse...and the mini-bottms did it to her (

Hot Seat

I just had twins, give me a break!

Jes (


Kris Kiester

Lady J

Lady K


Marathon Wannabe



Pam (


Samantha Jones

Sister Funderson (


Smelly Kelly. Wearing a Snuggie.